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Company Profile

Diamond Images® was formed by brothers Tim and Tom Cammett, as a company to market their professional baseball images.  Using the double entendre of the word "diamond" for the description of a baseball field as well as the most prized gemstone, and the word "images" to signify their work as more than mere photos, they chose the name Diamond Images®.  The term Diamond Images® also represents their work as being baseball centered, but brilliant and rare, with fire and personality, just like the gemstone.  Since it's beginning, Diamond Images® has continued to grow and now lists many topics, including entertainers, politicians, as well as sports personalities in our image catalog.  We currently have over 700,000 images available to meet the needs of our clients.  We are adding more images daily to our online catalog.   Please check back on a regular basis to see what's new!


We are actively seeking to acquire fine quality images to add to our catalog.  Please use the Feedback button to contact us with what you have available.   We are particularly interested in vintage images.










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